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Overcome the challenges of attracting top tech talent

Competition to recruit the best tech talent is ever-increasing. What can your company do to overcome skills shortages, Brexit and the re-establishment of IR35?

With the UK tech industry valued at £184 billion, competition to recruit the best tech talent is ever-increasing. The industry already employs 1.5 million people but with skills shortages, Brexit and the re-establishment of IR35 tax laws, employers are facing new recruitment challenges.

The challenges in recruiting top tech talent

Skills shortages and training are two of the main obstacles that recruiters face in filling tech roles. At CWJobs, our own research has found that 94% of tech employers believe there is an industry-wide skills shortage. In addition, only 61% of employers say that they have their own training programmes for entry-level employees.

Brexit also provides a new set of challenges. Although the government has agreed to let current EU workers remain in the UK, there’s still uncertainty over immigration policies for future workers. According to data from Arrows Group, there was a 10% reduction in tech applicants from Europe in the first quarter of 2018.

The re-establishment of the IR35 tax law has also created confusion within the industry due to its complex legislation on hiring freelancers and contractors. Findings from one of our own studies, The Impact of IR35, confirms that only 6% of IT and tech workers now consider contracting in the public sector to be a viable career path.

Dominic Harvey, Director at CWJobs, recently spoke to Alastair Greener about the challenges that companies face in attracting and retaining the best tech talent.

Investment in technology education

Building up a tech talent pool requires investment in education and training. Companies that want to attract the best talent need to provide opportunities for future employees to build on their skills. Offering apprenticeships and ongoing training will help companies retain talent and future-proof their place in the industry.

Tech companies should also be working closely with colleges and universities to provide graduate schemes and offer careers advice to the next generation of tech workers.

Rethinking the tech recruitment process

In order to attract top talent, companies need to make it easy for candidates to apply for roles. Long application forms and drawn-out interview process only drive candidates elsewhere. Companies should aim to offer fast track applications for the most suitable candidates.

Today’s job seekers are also looking for more than quirky benefits. Flexibility is one of the main motivators that encourages jobseekers to apply for roles.

Dominic Harvey says ‘employers often miss out showcasing the unique selling points that are valued by candidates. Can team members work remotely? What are the possibilities of promotion? What does the future of the business look like?’

Companies need to think about how they can solve candidates’ problems in the first instance and then consider how they can make them feel valued as employees.

Working with a recruitment partner like CWJobs can provide companies with access to over 1.1 million fresh CVs through our CV database, which helps streamline initial screening processes. We also offer our partners branded job adverts that can help increase job applications by up to 56%.

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