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Keyword Average Range Monthly change* Jobs*
Architect £77,500 £62,500​-​£87,500  15% view jobs (452)
VB £47,500 £37,500​-​£52,500  12% view jobs (46)
SQL Server £52,500 £42,500​-​£62,500  11% view jobs (849)
ASP.Net £52,500 £42,500​-​£62,500  11% view jobs (644)
DBA £57,500 £47,500​-​£78,750  10% view jobs (96)
Test £57,500 £42,500​-​£72,500  10% view jobs (987)
Testing £57,500 £42,500​-​£72,500  10% view jobs (1321)
Business £57,500 £42,500​-​£72,500  10% view jobs (4142)
Consultant £62,500 £47,500​-​£80,746  9% view jobs (595)
Business Analyst £61,818 £47,500​-​£82,500  8% view jobs (326)
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*Growth figures based on month on month growth. In challenging economic conditions, some of the top 50 job roles, sectors and skills may have experienced negative salary growth. Job counts are based on last month's totals.
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