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Tax rebates

Income tax bands were simplified in the 2008/2009 budget announcements, but if you work in a role where commission or bonuses are involved it's possible you're still paying too much tax.

You may simply receive a tax rebate through the post from the Inland Revenue at the end of the tax year if you've paid too much tax. But it's always worthwhile checking for yourself whether you're owed anything .

If you have changed jobs during the financial year, and there has been a delay in processing your P45 or P60, you may be entitled to a tax rebate. Your P45 is your personal tax record which details your tax bracket and any allowances. A delay in processing this means your current employer will have no details of your previous tax records and could allocate you a temporary tax code. As the emergency code is taxed at a higher rate, any excess tax you pay will be refunded at the end of the tax year.

If you are paying for any vocational training such as an NVQ, you may also be entitled to additional tax relief.

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