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How to obtain security clearance

As an IT professional, you cannot apply for Security Clearance on an individual basis. Clearance is requested by an employer and carried out by Government agencies. It is then granted for a specific period of time depending on the employment term or for a particular project. However, Security Clearance can be verified and transferred to a new employer if required.

If you do not have the Security Clearance required for a particular IT role, you will not be able to start until clearance has been obtained. You do not have to be a British National in order to gain Security Clearance, but you will have to meet certain criteria depending on the level of clearance required. The length of time it takes to get security cleared depends on the level of vetting required by the role itself.

Sponsorship for Security Clearance

To become Security Cleared, you will need a sponsor. Individuals and companies cannot request security clearance unless they are sponsored; and you won’t be sponsored unless you are contracted (or are in the process of being contracted) to work. Typically, a Project Officer will be your sponsor. For staff in sub-contracted organisations, sponsorship will be provided through the prime contractor.

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